Win two MMF Tickets by answering the questions below. The questions relate to the period of the Hartgill Murders. All correct answers will go into a hat on 1st July from which the winner’s name will be drawn.

  1. Who was on the throne in England in 1557?
  2. What is a Poignard?
  3. In which county was Kilmington in the 16th century?
  4. What is a Marchet?
  5. What was the purpose of Peine Forte et Dure?
  6. What is a Groat?
  7. A man drinks a Pottle of beer. How many pints has he drunk?
  8. What is a Halberd?
  9. In which village did William and John Hartgill live?
  10. What was the Star Chamber?

Please email answers with your name and contact details to by end of play on 30th June 2021. One entry per email address.


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